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Welcome to Earthquake Prediction Research Center (EPRC)!


Updated Information

The presentation of Prof. Aydan and his collaborator received the best paper award at "The 13th Japan Symposium on Rock Mechanics & The 6th Japan Korea Joint Symposium" held in Okinawa on January 9-10, 2013. [link jpg: 440KB] (January 28, 2013)
An article "Preseismic anomalous telluric current signals observed in Kozu-shima Island, Japan" being published on PNAS USA is introduced on some media websites. [link link] (November 12, 2012)
A book entitled "The Frontier of Earthquake Prediction Studies (Ed. M. Hayakawa)" is published. [link in Japanese] (February 6, 2012)
The Daily Yomiuri asked Prof. Nagao a short comment on a large haul of squid before M9.0 Tohoku Earthquake [link] (May 5, 2011)

Recently Published Papers

A large hydrothermal reservoir beneath Taal Volcano (Philippines) revealed by magnetotelluric observations and its implications to the volcanic activity, Proceedings of Japan Academy, Series B, 89, 383-389 (2013).
Tsunami early detection using observation of extremely low frequency sound waves induced by tsunami, IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences, J96-A, 593-596 (2013). (in Japanese)
A large hydrothermal reservoir beneath Taal Volcano (Philippines) revealed by magnetotelluric resistivity survey: 2D resistivity modeling, Bulletin of Volcanology, 75, 729 (2013).
Activation of hole charge carriers and generation of electromotive force in gabbro blocks subjected to nonuniform loading, Journal of Geophysical Research Solid Earth, 118, 915-925 (2013).

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